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The Ten Obligations of a pledge and member of Sigma Pi Fraternity

In all chapters there should be pledge organizations for the purpose of acquainting the pledges with each other, familiarizing them with the procedures of the organizations, and of instructing them about Sigma Pi through a regular course of education. Usually pledges elect their own officers and, to considerable extent, manage their own affairs. At pledge meetings it is appropriate for any pledge to ask the chairman or pledge educator for permission to be heard and then, after being given the floor, to express himself on matters which may interest him. He may obtain backing for his ideas by introducing a resolution favoring his point for acceptance by the pledge organization. This resolution, if adopted, may then be presented for consideration by active members at a regular chapter meeting.

Not every man who joins a fraternity is going to become a devout member. It is only natural some will develop a greater interest than others. Sigma Pi expects from every member and pledge a reasonable amount of interest and participation in its affairs; in other words membership involves obligations. These obligations can be grouped under ten general headings and, although considered from the standpoint of a pledge, they apply to active and alumni brothers as well.

1. Give proper attention to the interests of Sigma Pi.

Ordinarily a man should not become a pledge to a fraternity unless he can give a reasonable amount of time to its affairs. Let us say not less than three or four hours a week to serious thought and real work contributions toward the improvement of the organization.

Every pledge should look forward to holding at least one major chapter office. A pledge should make certain he will be able to attend chapter meetings and social affairs, and should not permit social engagements or interests without the chapter to interfere with fraternity meetings and functions. Upon becoming an alumnus, a member should endeavor to affiliate with an alumni group, to give both moral and general support to his chapter and to return to the campus for reunions, etc.

2. Regard the Fraternity with spirit of sincerity and respect and give earnest consideration to its teachings and ideals.

It is absurd to attempt to control anothers thoughts; nor would it be desirable or in harmony with the ideals of Sigma Pi to suppress individuality or freedom of mind. When a pledge accepts the offer of membership, he obligates himself to regard the Fraternity with a spirit of sincerity and respect and to give its teachings his sincere consideration. Of course, he is expected to live up to his obligations. A disrespectful attitude toward the Fraternity is uncalled for and out of place and constitutes sufficient grounds for reprimand or other punishment, so long as the Fraternity continues to be motivated by its ideals.

3. Meet financial obligations promptly and fully.

Every pledge and member is expected to assume his share of financial obligations in the Fraternity. A chapter must have income to operate just the same as any other business.

4. Cheerfully perform tasks that may be assigned for the good of the Fraternity.

No man wants to belong to a fraternity he cannot respect. Before initiation the pledge is not in a position to know or appreciate fully the significance and importance of Sigma Pi ideals and influences. A pledge is expected to join in with active members in performing duties necessary to the chapter's well-being. In addition to insuring their respect, this method of service offers the satisfaction of utilizing their labor toward the progress of an institution in which they have a vital interest. Sometimes members do not discharge their duties and responsibilities with efficiency and dispatch. This sets a very poor example for the pledges. No member, whether an undergraduate or an alumnus, should assume an office or accept appointment on any committee in his chapter or in the Grand Chapter unless he has both the time and the intention to perform to the very best of his ability all tasks connected with the office.

5. At all times be a gentleman and use moderation in all things.

Be chivalrous at all times and always hold yourself to a higher moral code. Also too much of anything can be bad, for that reason, the importance of using moderation is stressed.

6. Strive at all times to cooperate for the good of the Fraternity.

Sigma Pi at UH is considered a family by all brothers. But as in all families there may be differences; especially with a gathering of so many unique individuals. That is why stress putting Sigma Pi above any issues in order for the chapter to succeed.

7. Work diligently to maintain good scholarship.

The sole purpose of coming to college is to graduate. To help achieve this goal, we hold proctored study hours and also require a minimum gpa of 2.5 for prospective members.

8. Participate in worthy college activities.

College is a place where you will have the opportunity to do almost anything possible. With the sheer number of people enrolled, there will be acquaintances that provide multiple opportunities to engage in extra curricular activities. However, not all activities help us grow as individuals.

We teach our members to participate in activities that will help them accomplish their goals and get them where they want to be in life.

9. Profit by association with men in spirit of fraternalism.

It has been said often times, "It is now what you know, but who you know." This old quote holds true for most things in life. For that reason we teach our members the necessary social/networking skills they need to supplement their academic learning. These skills are used to prepare for the real world where knowing the right person can open doors.

10. Be an exemplary Sigma Pi and citizen.

We pride ourselves in being men of high character and take pride in acting like it everyday. While we understand everyone is not perfect and mistakes are sometimes made, our members make conscience efforts to be role models in society. To simplify; Be the best you can be at all times.

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